5 Ways to Take Your Selfie Game to the Next Level

It's the kind of thing that can make or break a serious Instagrammer. 

That's right-- we're talking about the selfie game today. 

Before front-facing cameras were even a thing, we were turning our devices on ourselves to get that perfect shot, and can you really blame us? Selfies are the one shot we can completely control, they always freshen up a social feed, and they're a great way to learn positioning, shot composition, and proper lighting sequences.

Here at WyzePhoto, we're team you... and as long as you have selfies in your repertoire, we're here to make sure you've got the best looking selfies in the game. Here's a few ways to take your selfies to the next level!

1. Natural light is key.

Many of us know the importance of using the right light, but we may not know the best type of light to use to really enhance our selfies. Depending on our complexion, we may opt for harsher light in hopes of less shadows, or less light in hopes of a more sultry aesthetic. Well, as it turns out, natural light is the winner here. Imagine that-- our skin actually looks best when it's lit by the Sun! This doesn't necessarily mean we have to take photos outside all the time, though. Facing a window when it's selfie time is the perfect way to capture that rich, natural light that will make our skin glow!

2. Use that flash when you need it.

The native iPhone and Android photo platforms are pretty good, most of the time. In fact, depending on the model of phone you have, your photo taking platform could be better than most cameras out there today. However, there's one thing that they're not always the best at-- flash photography. In fact, iPhones don't even have front-facing flash capabilities yet. When you need a flash for a selfie in a dark space, then, we recommend using Snapchat. The app has a wonderfully simple flash feature that helps brighten your selfies, and any photo you take can easily be saved to your own camera roll!

3. Smile. Lots.

We get it-- the brooding selfie is in, and probably will always be in. But let's be honest-- how many of those can we really take at once? Followers, fans, and friends all like a good smile, and we usually look even better when we show those pearly whites. Natural smiles work best, so there's no need to overdo it. Incorporating some happiness into our selfies can be a great way to seem warm, inviting, and friendly-- even if we've just finished banging our head on the wall after the 500th photo didn't come out the way we wanted it to.

4. Relax with the editing.

Here at WyzePhoto we love our filters-- a lot. But using too many filters or over-editing always takes a great selfie and turns it into a "meh" one way quicker than we expect. Picking the right editing apps and software is important-- but once we find the one (or ones) we like, we try to keep the editing to a minimum, and let our natural look shine through. Guys and gals can appreciate being #real, so that's what we serve them-- and we've seen fantastic results.

5. Have fun!

Cliche? Yes. True? Even more yes. Selfies are great because they allow us to express ourselves, but they're not meant to be the end-all be-all of an influencer account. Have some fun with your selfies. Make silly faces. Pose in front of cool backgrounds. Take the *occasional* brooding, steamy, shot. Just, for the love of all influencing, don't take it so seriously! When you relax and just enjoy yourself and that beautiful face of yours, the results will come!

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