Gettin' Handsy with Handhelds


We live in a handheld generation. 

Everything great can be held in our hands. Food. Babies. Money.

So why, pray tell, does it seem like we invest so much of our time and energy into shooting with massive, bulky equipment that may get the job done, but then takes three people to get back in the car before we head home?

Luckily, if this was a question you used to ask, you no longer have to ask it anymore. And if it's not a question you used to ask, then you never have to consider it again.

Introducing the world of handhelds, and all the wonders of their ease of use.

Here at WyzePhoto, we love easy, we love fast, and we love efficient-- which is why we always stock up on handheld devices and knick knacks that help make the content creation experience more of all three. Because, let's be honest-- while we all love the concept of spending hours to get a shot just right (after all, our best work only comes with time), sometimes we just want to get things done and move on to the next shoot, or editing, or maybe just dinner. 

What's so great about handheld devices? Well, aside from them being more efficient and easier to use than many of their larger counterparts, handheld devices like selfie sticks, phone stabilizers, and phone holders allow us to become more mobile, help us overcome the difficulty that's usually associated with shooting out of pocket or in a place we're not familiar with, and oftentimes help us get a lot more bang for our creative buck.

Here at WyzePhoto, we've got a slew of handheld devices intended to make your content creation life a lot easier than it is now... and plenty more where those came from. There's nothing wrong with getting handsy with your equipment when you're a creator. After all, being able to get up close and personal is sometimes all it takes to transform a good shoot into a great one!

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