How to Setup a #Winning Studio

They're everywhere... and they're pretty freaking cool. 

We're talking about influencer studios. You know-- the cool equipment and gear you see casually (and conspicuously) in the background of an impromptu shoot. The next level tripod and the umbrella lighting rig posed perfectly in the corner. Unused light scrims lounging carelessly on the backdrop. The camera "go" bag right next to the... you get the point.

Influencer studios are neat looking, but they must cost a fortune, right? Wrong.

Here at WyzePhoto, we offer all the gear you could possibly need to setup your own studio (and then some), and we do it all while keeping the price point as low as humanly possible. So, what all's included in this #winning studio? Glad you asked.

Light Stands

Every photographer needs his tools, and every talent needs her light. The light stands included in our influencer studio are sturdy, strong, and capable of supporting a lot of weight-- perfect if you're thinking about attaching more robust lights later on down the road. Use the light stands to add some more exposure to your next shoot, to illuminate areas that need more attention, or to just spice things up with saturation!

Muslin Cloths

Any fan of the backdrop can appreciate a quality muslin cloth. These inexpensive miracles of canvas help switch up any shoot, add flair to a more toned down outfit, and allow you to stand apart from the rest when you use a different color or pattern. The best part is that muslin cloths are just as durable as they are good looking. In fact, many photographers don't even have to swing for a carry bag for their cloths-- they simply stuff them in pillowcases when traveling and they're good to go. Throw a muslin cloth in the corner, accidentally step on it, or ball it up in your creative frustration-- they always bounce back, and they always look as good as ever.

Photo Umbrellas

Lights all need a bit of modification, and an old tee will only hold up as a dimmer for so long. When you're joining the ranks of the elite professionals, you need a light modifier that comes with the territory. Enter the photo umbrella. Photo umbrellas are simple devices that allow you to soften and modify a light source instantly, and they can help you take your content game to the stratosphere. As affordable as they are effective, umbrellas are perfect for the content creator that's looking for a way to spruce up their studio on a budget, while still using practical, multipurpose equipment. Our state of the art influencer studio comes equipped with a versatile photo umbrella for all of your modification needs.

Influencer studios are cool, but they're also quite practical for the discerning creative. Check out our studio prices, and get your hands on a #winning setup today!

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