Let's Talk Microphones


Sound is to good content what a lens is to a camera. In other words, good sound is as much of a necessity as good video is.

To us, the best way to capture rich, quality sound is via a microphone. Most microphones are lightweight, easily portable, and simple to set up. And whether you've got an enormous budget or are just getting started as a content creator, many types of microphones are affordable enough to be a worthwhile investment.

So, how do you know what kind of microphone is best for you? Well, here at WyzePhoto, we've got choices. 

Lavalier Microphones

Perhaps the most common of all wearable microphones, lavalier microphones are best suited for folks that value hands-free movement but still want a quality recording. Many reporters and anchors use lavaliers, and although they may not necessarily be shooting the amazing creative content our customers love to shoot, they still hit the nail on the head when it comes to reliable, affordable sound equipment that allows you to do your talking and still look good in the meantime. One of the nicest things about the lavalier microphone is that it usually comes self-contained-- meaning you don't have to be hooked up to a camera or recording equipment that only allows you to move so far. As long as you have the transmitter on your person, you can enjoy an impressive range of movement. Here at WyzePhoto, we've got a few great lavalier microphone options-- including a nifty lavalier smartphone rig that allows you to hook up, plug in, and record just about anywhere!

Traditional Condenser Microphones

You may be more familiar with condenser microphones than lavaliers... and it's probably because they're not hidden on your person! Condenser microphones are best for very precise sound recordings, and are often used in studios for just that reason. Here at WyzePhoto, we love our condenser mics, and we offer a state of the art option that allows you to easily plug into a USB port on your laptop or desktop, select it as your primary recording device, and record away-- sans hoops to jump through or technical mumbo-jumbo to fumble over. Content creators with a knack for music or podcasters that want to up the ante on their next show will find lots to love about condenser microphones!

Other Microphones

There's plenty of other types of microphones out there, and all have the capacity to help you produce great sound for your next shoot. In fact, one of our particular favorites right now is the boom mic-- a long microphone on a pole that can extend over your camera and your talent to capture their sound without them having to wear anything extra or speak into it at all.

Whatever microphone you choose-- make the right decision when you decide who to buy it from. Check out our selection of great, affordable microphones now!

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