What in the World is a Gimbal?

We sell lots of gimbals here at WyzePhoto. Lots and lots of them. They're versatile, easy to use, and can help make some awesome content. Still, we get plenty of questions about what exactly a gimbal is, and how best to use it. 

Even as products become more and more niched, there are still a few things that never change. Reliability, stability, and mobility are always top priority for any camera equipment-- and that's what makes gimbals so handy.

A gimbal is a simple support mechanism that allows for the rotation of an object on just one axis. When you mount a camera on top, you can shoot an almost infinite amount of angles, with much more stability than you'd get from holding the camera in hand. This makes the gimbal the perfect tool for shooting both when you don't have a steadicam or tripod available, and when you're on the move. 

The gimbal is designed to be as lightweight as possible, so it can attach to just about anything that has a mounting dock. And once you start using the tool, you'll very quickly come to appreciate its reliability. Not only does it easily allow to swivel your camera just about anywhere accurately-- it can also quickly be detached and reattached to another piece of equipment.

Do I need a gimbal for my shoot?

Most of the time, a tripod or steadicam is an expense that just doesn't seem to warrant the investment. Both objects can be big and bulky, and they're often hard to transport between venues to shoot. A gimbal, however, is a lightweight alternative that's just as efficient, which makes it very important for most shoots-- especially shoots without a tremendous budget or a huge capacity for a lot of equipment.

Gimbals don't just work with traditional cameras either. Many companies, including ours, sell gimbals that work very effectively with cell phones-- which is another reason gimbals are so darn important for a good shoot. Even if you don't have thousand dollar equipment, affixing your phone to a gimbal can make all the difference between content that looks amateur and the stuff of professionals.

While a gimbal isn't absolutely needed for a shoot (because very few pieces of equipment are), it does come very highly recommended-- and you'll find most content creators that are worth their salt equipped with more than one.

How can I use a gimbal in my next shoot?

Although gimbals are great for steadying shots, they shine the most when used for unique, angled shots and when used in environments where steadicams and tripods just won't work (think rugged terrain and small spaces). Try toting your gimbal instead of your tripod or steadicam, or as a complement for the equipment if you're not sure where you're going to be shooting. Additionally, if you plan on shooting with just a phone, a gimbal is an awesome choice for stability, as many tripods and steadicams don't have the capacity to support a phone. 

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