Why Analytics Aren't Everything

As an influencer, the amount of impressions, shares, reach, likes, and comments more than likely mean a great deal to you-- as they should.

These kinds of metrics are great ways of analyzing your impact in a particular niche, making a compelling case for a partnership with your favorite brand, and reaffirming your complete level of #bossness on the social media circuit.

But have you ever noticed that some of the coolest influencers, some of the most artistic and impassioned folks we follow-- seem to post about whatever they want? It could be a fantastic meal one day, a selfie the next, and a picture of a beautiful horizon a few days later.

Ever wondered why?

Chances are it's because they've already taken the next big step in their influencer careers. They're no longer posting purely for numbers or analytics. They're building their brand.

What's the difference between posting and branding?

In today's super saturated market of influencers and social media celebrities, there's only a few ways to get a leg up on the competition. Aside from the easier ones (like grabbing top-notch influencer gear from us), the one way that you can ensure your content, creative, and message is always authentically you and cultivates the following and engagement you want is to post... for yourself!

That's right. Analytics aren't everything when it comes to making the most impact on your social channels. And while they can certainly be a big help, sometimes being hyper-focused on the numbers can prevent you from making some truly awesome, relatable, and engaging content. So, how do you focus on building your brand? Glad you asked.

Post your passions.

There are so many pretty faces in the world of influencing. So many perfect bodies. So many exciting locations. The one thing out there that's unique to you, however, is your passion. There's only one person that can live your life, have your interests, and enjoy the things you enjoy. And posting that kind of content-- the content that's rich and exciting and you-- is what will keep you excited, engaging, and forward-moving. There's a niche for everyone out there. Finding it starts with sharing what it is that makes you you.

Engage with people you find interesting.

Nobody likes a distant influencer-- and it's certainly not a great way to cultivate your brand! Sometimes in order to be noticed in a niche that's particularly saturated, you've got to engage with the people that are just as interested in it as you are. A great way to find new, exciting, and interesting people to engage with is to explore some common hashtags related to your niche. Look at some of the folks on the Explore page. Follow them. Shoot them a DM to praise their aesthetic, or their page, or their passion. There are genuine relationships and friendships to be formed out there-- all it takes is a little digging!

Don't be afraid to take risks.

We all know the saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!". But in the world of influencing, that couldn't be more inaccurate. It pays to constantly tweak your message, your content, your creative, and even your brand-- and the only way to really do that is to take some risks and step outside of your comfort zone at times. This may mean doing something as simple as changing your posting color palate, or adding in some new, unique locales -- or it could be much more risqué-- like adding your own brand of quotes to content, sharing more about yourself in captions, or starting an off-social community (like an email list) with your followers to talk about whatever it may be that you all are passionate about!

There really is no wrong way to take a risk, as long as you're staying true to yourself in everything you post. 

And staying true to yourself is what this whole thing is all about.


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