Why Backdrops Matter


Ever tried to read something that you really wanted to read, but ended up not being able to because you couldn't quite... see it? 

Probably not, because books and most written pieces do an excellent job of making sure their content is easy to see and consume.

With a visual medium, the way we replicate that awesome job they do is by employing the use of a powerful tool that so often doesn't get the glory it deserves.

We're talking about the backdrop. 

Yep-- that blank canvas that helps you frame your shot, the white paper that you plaster on top of that wall with the funky pattern-- that backdrop isn't just the difference between a good and a great shoot. It's the difference between making content and merely taking pictures (or video.)

One of the biggest questions we get asked about backdrops is if there's a way to forgo one. We get it-- even affordable backdrops like the ones we sell here at WyzePhoto aren't always the cheapest. Our answer though, is always the same-- content is only as good as where you shoot it. And with the right backdrop, you can shoot just about anywhere. 

So you're saying I need a backdrop for good content?

Absolutely not. Many folks shoot without man-made backdrops all the time, and when it's done intentionally, it can make for some stand up work. In fact, just about anything can be a backdrop-- it doesn't have to be a blank canvas. However, when it comes to social media, the beauty is often in the subject itself. And when you really want to focus on the subject, the best way to do that is by setting them up in front of a scene that you can control. The best way to get that control in a scene? By using a backdrop.

So why do backdrops matter?

Backdrops matter because they limit the variables in content creation. When we shoot, we can't always control how well the shot will turn out, how the subjects will look (if they're not us), or even how the photo or video will be received. If we can control the shooting environment, however, there's one less thing we have to worry about. And the less we have to worry about, the more likely the results will be more to our liking. 

Additionally, backdrops are among the most cost effective means of adding some diversity to our shot selection. Think about it. You don't have to wait for a sunny day to shoot when you have a backdrop. Just splash some color on the backdrop, crank up the room lighting, and you're good to go! For influencers with limited budgets, a backdrop can be a game-changing investment.

If you're looking for a backdrop to change up your shooting regimen, you've come to the right place. Browse our selection of backdrops today!

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