Professional USB Condenser Microphone

Professional USB Condenser Microphone

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Let's see: you need a microphone that looks good, sounds great, and doesn't break the bank. Yep. This nifty little number ticks all those boxes. Our professional USB condenser microphone is sturdy but lightweight, effective without being gaudy, and one of the best audio tools you can buy dollar for dollar. There's not a whole lot not to love about this one!

Simply plug this microphone into any available USB port, select it as your input in your software settings, and you’re ready to create your own audio. This Desktop microphone is ideal for everything from studio vocals, to speech, instruments, podcasts, and desktop recording.


- Color: Shown in the pictures.

- Material: Plastic & Metal.

- Size: Approx. 16.2 * 5 * 17.5cm/ 6.4 * 2 * 6.9 inch (L*W*H).

- Extended frequency response is excellent for singing, speech and instruments and playing.

- Performed perfectly in reproduces sound with noise reduction. Ensure that your exquisite sound reproduces on the internet.

- Wide frequency response for brilliant and transparent sound. Extremely high signal output.