Color Photography Backdrop

Color Photography Backdrop

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We call this a 6' by 9' slice of influencer heaven. If you need a backdrop that won't break your budget and helps transform your ordinary shots into something next level, look no further, because you've found it. Simple. Elegant. Timeless. Some things need little introduction. There's a reason we sell out in weeks!

Color: gray, blue
Material: Non-woven
Product size: 6x9FT(180*270cm)

For purpose of transport and packing, the Photography Backdrop will be folded, which result some creases. But don't worry, the creases won't affect your photography, you can flatten them by these ways:
1. Roll it up tightly by using cylinder for 3-4 days.
2. Please iron the back surface of the backdrop with steam iron, it will become smooth gradually. Please mind the temperature.
This product can NOT be washed !!

1. Please allow 1-3 cm tolerance due to manual measurement.
2. Different displays show the same picture may be slightly differences.
Thx for your understanding.