Starter Influencer Studio With Umbrella Lighting

Starter Influencer Studio With Umbrella Lighting

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Maybe you're new to the influencer game and you're looking to make your mark with some great content. Maybe you've been around the block a few times but need some equipment to spice things up a bit. Or maybe you're a seasoned influencer looking to add some fresh new gear to your lineup. Whatever it might be-- this starter influencer studio is for you. Why's that? Well, where else can you find umbrellas, muslin cloth, light holders and light stands at these prices? Exactly. Grab your starter studio today!

With 135W Silver Black Umbrellas including background Stand Muslin Cloth (Black & White & Green), you can do fashion shots, video filming when the studio space is limited, also can pack them all up as a travel set. Pure white daylight, it is just made for photography. Made of high quality material, it is durable and sturdy for you to use. It is easy to collect all the accessories and can be taken outside conveniently.

Kit includes: Single Head Light Holder, Umbrella, Light Stand, and three Muslin Cloths

Background Stand Size: 2m*3m
Background Cloth Material: Muslin Cloth
Fish Mouth Clamp Color: Black
Plug Type: US Standard
Color Temperature: 6500K
Muslim Cloth Color: Black & White & Green

Single Head Light Holder
Switch: On/Off Switch
Lamp Base: E27
Slot for: Umbrella Act as An Umbrella Holder
Cord & Plug: Included(9.2 feets/2.8m)

Material: Made of Nylon Construction
Function: Reflect and Spread Light Stream Evenly
Size: 33"
Color: Black Silver & White
Light Stand
Type: Solid Safety 3 Legs Stages
Features: Indutrial Standard Mounting Stud
Height Adjustable: Min 53" - Max 100"